Why The K9 Kitchen LLC uses the highest quality meats in the recipes:

The owners, who also hand prepare the recipes, use the freshest, high quality ingredients to prepare their recipes. Grass fed, 93% lean beef and fresh ground, 93% lean turkey are two main ingredients highlighted in their recipes. Each meat contains no steroids, antibiotics or hormones.

 Grass-fed beef contains more antioxidants, lower cholesterol and higher vitamins A and E. Having a meat with higher antioxidants help dogs who struggle with allergies and benefits with skin or coat issues. Antioxidants boost immune systems and promote healthy activity. Vitamins A and E increases muscular function including the heart, improves eyesight, improves immune system and cardiovascular health. 

 Ground, 93% lean turkey is a highly digestible and a healthy protein for dogs. Lean, white meat helps dogs build muscles and is a great source of minerals including potassium, niacin and selenium.  These 3 minerals are necessary for dog’s nutritional health. Potassium is crucial to help maintain normal kidney function. Potassium is required for heart, digestion and muscle function. Niacin is beneficial for dogs to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Selenium is needed to maintain normal functions of the immune system and thyroid gland.

Using meats that contained no steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones is crucial to the owners of The K9 Kitchen LLC. No “fillers” or “beef meal/turkey meal” is ever used. Using harmful chemicals and ingredients are very unhealthy for your dog and create more frequent trips to the veterinarian. Corn and soy are highly used ingredients in kibble because they are inexpensive and vastly used in dog food to make more product for less money. Using filler ingredients leads to obesity and eventually harmful health problems for dogs. 

  The K9 Kitchen recipes have been confirmed by a veterinarian nutritionist to ensure that each meal is 100% balanced with the proper vitamins and minerals.

The owners of The K9 Kitchen LLC set out on a quest to design and prepare a healthy food for dogs.  Much thought, time, trial and experiment with high quality ingredients created Beef-A-Licious and Gobble Me Gone. Both recipes have been proven to be liked by the pickiest of eaters. These recipes have been proven to show change in dogs health.

 If you haven’t already tried The K9 Kitchen LLC’s food for your dogs, what are you waiting for?