Healthy Dog Food For Happy Dogs

Have you been searching for healthy dog food?  You found the right place! 

Here at The K9 Kitchen we developed a tasty all natural dog food.  It’s entirely prepared by hand using high grade ingredients. Our nutrition packed recipes keep your dog vibrant and healthy no matter their adult age.  The K9 Kitchen wet food recipes were specially formulated to maintain ideal weight and health for adult dogs. 

Healthy Dog Food Bowl

What makes The K9 Kitchen food a great choice for your furry friend:

✓ 93% Lean Meat (contains a higher nutritional profile than fattier meat)
✓ Cage Free Eggs
✓ No Eggs in the Turkey Recipe
✓ No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy
✓ No Fillers, No Dyes, No Artificial Ingredients, No Hormones
✓ Made entirely by hand in a commercial kitchen
✓ Lightly Cooked, Quickly Cooled then Frozen
✓ Vacuum Sealed in a Resealable Package with No BPA
✓ Exceptional Quality In Every Bite
✓ Dogs Love The K9 Kitchen Recipes


  • ✓ Highly Nutritious
  • ✓ Easily Digested
  • ✓ One of A Kind Recipes
  • ✓ Handmade
  • ✓ Satisfies Picky Eaters
  • ✓ Easily Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • ✓ Less Trips to the Vet
  • ✓ Shiny, Beautiful Coats
  • ✓ Improves Health and Longevity

Our recipes are developed by dog lovers who were not happy with the quality of dog foods available on the market.  The owners of The K9 Kitchen began a quest to develop a recipe that included only the best in nutritional value.  They were seeking to develop food that would not only make for visible changes in their dog’s health, but also would satisfy picky eaters.   

After succeeding in this mission, the owners shared their recipe with other dog lovers and received exceptional feedback.  From there, The K9 Kitchen began a quest to formalize the recipes and have them analyzed and confirmed by a veterinarian nutritionist.  

Great care and detail go into the preparation and cooking process to ensure every portion has consistency and delicious flavor.

We Care Guarantee

Like you, we consider our dogs family. So we take our investment in your dog’s health seriously. Your dog’s well being is important to us. So much so that we guarantee our food is made with the highest standards. And not just our dogs, but yours as well. We stand behind every bite your dog will take of our delicious recipes.

Confidently give your pet the best in nutrition with food from The K9 Kitchen.
Backed by our We Care Guarantee!